PEDRI’s first words EVER with Barça (2020)


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    FC Barcelona19 gün önce


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    Forca Barca

  • Sakura Kumari

    Sakura Kumari

    19 gün önce

    Is FCB a racist club against Japanese or Asians? Many Japanese now think yes. Any respectful organizations won't hire any racist idiots like the two french guys! Fire them asap!👆🤮🇫🇷🇪🇸🤮💩

  • rastaman rastaman

    rastaman rastaman

    19 gün önce

    Ousmane Dembele es un racista. El Barça publicó una disculpa en japonés. Sin embargo, el Barça no ha publicado una disculpa en español. El Barça está tratando de encubrir el racismo.

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    19 gün önce

    FC Barcelona, the symbol of racism⚽⚽

    BRUNO FERNANDEZ8 gün önce

    got english sub?

    BRYAN MEJIA8 gün önce

    Una joya 💎💙❤pedri

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    Goldenboy 💎❤️

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    English sub please!.

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    Hanafi Abdul Hamid13 gün önce

    Spanish DNA

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    NCS Release 13 gün önce

    I love you Messi I love you

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    Robbie Lohman13 gün önce

    Pedri and fati are the future!

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    Maria Silva13 gün önce

    Congratulations pedrii

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    APPLE i13 gün önce

    Barcelona, needs new sets of players from back to front, who are under 27 with minimal experience of pressure and more importantly with players who have vision, until and unless they have what I said Barcelona, will never lift a league or champion league title. Mark my words, I can challenge any experts view on what I believe who understands football.

  • Aditya Putra Pratama
    Aditya Putra Pratama13 gün önce

    Pedri No. 8 at barca No. 10 at spain national team

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    Laval Bear13 gün önce

    Would be cool with subtitles

  • Nigah Nugget
    Nigah Nugget13 gün önce

    Barcelona players are the living example that in football you don't need to be big and muscular to be great players

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    L W14 gün önce

    Let Pedri take some rest please 🙏🏻

  • PES 4 LIFE
    PES 4 LIFE14 gün önce

    Pedri really surprised us. At first, we thought he will be an average player. But his performance is world class already. If he keeps up this form, he can easily be one of the greatest players of all time

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    SJ14 gün önce

    Please consider that the whole world is watching Barca videos... So plz add English subtitles💙❤🙏

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    Unknown14 gün önce

    Didnt understand anything but still saw the full video Visca Barca !

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    The future⚡️⚡️

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    ijas ahamed14 gün önce

    english subtitle please😒😒😒

  • El PES
    El PES14 gün önce

    Mark my words. He is the next Iniesta. Or probably more than that.

  • Tana barça
    Tana barça14 gün önce

    Te queremos mucho de Gran Canaria y aquí en la isla estamos muy pendientes de ti.....te queremos Crack.....y siempre te apoyaremos.......pase lo que pase

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    Ayman Alneser15 gün önce

    الكناري ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

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    Srimanta Ghatak16 gün önce

    Love him so much... 💙❤️

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    To ReĐa16 gün önce

    *Vamos Barca 💙🇮🇶❤*

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  • Daniel Lema
    Daniel Lema17 gün önce

    Pedri va a ser tremenda leyenda con la mentalidad y pasión que demuestra en el vídeo!

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    XEXI17 gün önce

    English subtitles! would be awesome 🤩 👏🏽 ❤️💙

  • Joel Baires
    Joel Baires17 gün önce

    And by hyping a child is how you guys mess up someone's career. This video should have been uploaded 10 years from now. Not now.

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman17 gün önce

    Ousmane Dembele, c’est un raciste. Antoine Griezemann, c’est un raciste. FC Barcelone, ’est un groupe raciste. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Si les victimes du racisme étaient de nationalité africaine, les Français et espagnols diraient que c’est du racisme. Si les victimes du racisme étaient des Asiatiques, les Français et espagnols diraient que ce n’est pas du racisme. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Les citoyens européens insistent. “Le racisme contre les Asiatiques n’est pas du racisme.” Les européens ignorent le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques. Ignorer, c’est du racisme. Le silence, c’est l’adhésion au racisme. Je suis japonais. Je suis asiatique. Les Asiatiques pensent que cela ne peut pas être arrêté comme une blague. Les Asiatiques protestent contre le racisme. Désormais, les Asiatiques ne seront plus réduits au silence. Les citoyens européens devraient reconnaître le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques comme du racisme. Vous devriez reconnaître. Que c’est du racisme.

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    강성주17 gün önce

    griezmann and dembele is fk racist!!

  • Debjani Sarkar
    Debjani Sarkar17 gün önce

    EY , Barca I have a player name His name is Lionel Messi from Argentina.. He is known as the god of football , so can you please sign him up before any other club does?

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    Ichimoku Helper17 gün önce

    English subtitles?

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    Wesley Potgieter18 gün önce

    Our special genius kiddo right here future best mid ❤🌍👑💎

  • Bliz
    Bliz18 gün önce

    Que vive l'Espagne , et que vive Barcelone ! (Yo soy frances)

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez18 gün önce

    Gran futuro nos espera con Pedri y Ansu Fati

    ITS KKRULE18 gün önce

    Liverpool fans think they will get pedri Not a chance

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    متمرد كتلوني18 gün önce


  • Marco Armenta
    Marco Armenta18 gün önce

    Tienen que fichar a dansgaard jugaria excelente en el camp nou tuvo gran eurocopa 2020!

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar18 gün önce

    If you were surprised by Pedri's performance in euros, you did not follow barca's last season closely

  • SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    18 gün önce

    but still playing in a major international tournament is still a different enviroment then playing for a club as there is more pressure and he barely even played with them before as well. Nerves can get to a young player and they can crumble. Against sweden nerves were probably getting to him as he started off kind of slow but grew into the game as it progressed. And ever since then he's been class

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    Hugo Gonzalez18 gün önce

    Como se llama en la play

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    U make good content man !

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    What a player! THE FUTURE! 👏👏

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    ❤️❤️ love you

  • The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi
    The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi18 gün önce

    Pedri, puig, fati Barca's future is in safe hands

  • The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi
    The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi18 gün önce

    English subtitles?

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    Daniel Preuninger18 gün önce

    a great mittelfeld player Pedri forca barca 👍😍😊

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    Pedri 💞💞💞

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    Shiv Sai18 gün önce

    They are milking him aren't they ;)

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    Forza Pedri 🙏🏽💙❤

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    Stela Pentheroudaki18 gün önce

    We can't understand what he's saying

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    Amal Raj18 gün önce

    Add English subtitles atleast 😭

  • Gian Rodríguez
    Gian Rodríguez18 gün önce

    De jugar contra ti aquí en tenerife a que estés ahí jugando con los más grandes. Eres un grande 🙌🏽, ídolo 🇮🇨.

    SHAF GAMING18 gün önce

    Pedri speaks spanish Indian me (dont know spanish): yeah that is correct

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    Gulshan Akhtar19 gün önce

    Please don't sell him 😭

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    Super clyb barsaaaaaa

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    Rishab Manokaran19 gün önce

    Guys please add captions in english in every video.There are fans all over the world.

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    Bella Mutiara19 gün önce

    @shirookun mas chat nya disini aja

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    Sebastian Joseph19 gün önce

    Such a great young talent. Vamoss

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    Lx19 gün önce

    Dear, Fc Barcelona club's member or player. We are diehearted fan of football but we can't afford to buy a single football (soccer)ball. So respectfully I beg to say that Please send lot of football who are older ,dameged and punctured Your diehearted fan Karanja boys (INDIA)

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    Anzonini Delpuerto19 gün önce

    El aspecto físico, y disparó hay que mejorarlo.

  • Anzonini Delpuerto
    Anzonini Delpuerto19 gün önce

    Busquets, S.Roberto, Lenglet, Umtiti, Pjanic , Griezmann, Braithwite OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT

  • Sag 29
    Sag 2919 gün önce

    Pedri should get no. 8 jersey from pjanic ASAP.

  • Sakura Kumari
    Sakura Kumari19 gün önce

    Is FCB a racist club against Japanese or Asians? Many Japanese now think yes. Any respectful organizations won't hire any racist idiots like the two french guys! Fire them asap!👆🤮🇫🇷🇪🇸🤮💩

  • Sanaziidul Muhsiniin
    Sanaziidul Muhsiniin19 gün önce

    I know it's a start of something big for him. We all see what he's capable of during his Euro games. I'm proud of him.

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    Akshaan Mehra19 gün önce

    Looks like young kante

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    Pes Ac19 gün önce

    Malayalis undo

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    can't understand Espanol

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    I need english subtitle 😩😬

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    Very love pedri ( euro 2021) messi(copa 2021)

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    Pedri y Frenkie WAAAA 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

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    Visca Barca ❤️🔥💪👍

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    love pedri very much

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    "Pedri's passing has dropped to 99%" - Commentator after the exta time was almost over That's Pedri for ya'll

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    Pierre ka.19 gün önce

    يا عمري يا اسطورة 😍❤

  • Aravind Krishna 17
    Aravind Krishna 1719 gün önce

    Commentator or Pedri during the semi final " He's as smooth as silk. Wow! This is the first time i am seeing him play in flesh and I will never forget ".

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    Rasyid Ridho19 gün önce

    I hope Pedri will be star player in Barca in the future

    ORIOL SANS19 gün önce

    Una pregunta quien hace los subtitulos porq cambiarlo ya porq no tiene ni idea ehh

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    Wonderfull player❤

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    gracias por ser del barcelona y gracias por ser español !

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    Grandee pedriii no te desmotives por peder en la proxima lo conseguiremos

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    JOGA MUITO !!!

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    Close to 12mil😏

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    que grande pedri 😍😍😍

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  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman19 gün önce

    Soy japonés. Me di cuenta del hecho. El Barça es un conjunto de racistas. Los jugadores del Barça no piensan en los asiáticos como seres humanos. Debe poner fin a la discriminación contra los asiáticos.

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    Ahura Rajabi19 gün önce

    He’s one of our future legends 👑🔵🔴

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    Ese chico define lo que es el Barça!No Dembele y otros !

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    Mi no comprene, subtitels pls! 😭

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