• Xavi Abal
    Xavi Abal2 gün önce

    Eto'o vs Panathinaikos??

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    Alexander Guenteo10 gün önce

    Alexis Sánchez gooool, Alexis Sánchez Baby⚽️

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    Messi= GOAT😈❤️

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    Barcelona forever

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    Luvkush Tripathi11 gün önce

    What about french fries

  • Hafiez Hakimie
    Hafiez Hakimie11 gün önce

    How come you forget Grizzy chips assist by Messi..make it a part 2 please

  • Habibou Jiggo
    Habibou Jiggo12 gün önce

    Messi inesta

  • s
    s13 gün önce

    Di Maria watched this video before final against Brazil

  • Naveen Bosco
    Naveen Bosco14 gün önce

    Pringles is an unbelievable chip

  • Abdullah Amir
    Abdullah Amir14 gün önce

    Messi the magician

    ANHTUAN ART14 gün önce


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    Smitha's Tasteland15 gün önce

    Don't forget Neymar chip vs real Sociedad 🙄

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    I didn't skip the ads to help fund for Messi's renewal

  • 𝐿͢͢͢𝑒𝓏𝓊𝓈 ×͜×
    𝐿͢͢͢𝑒𝓏𝓊𝓈 ×͜×16 gün önce

    Otro titulo: Mejores sombreros de Messi xd

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    *Vamos Barca 💙🇮🇶❤*

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    Ronaldinho !!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤙🏽

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    what can I say? my youth is back

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    Mesi good luck

  • Khun Oo
    Khun Oo16 gün önce

    Barcelona has spent a lot of time build team strong with young stars. Now it is time for barcelona to benefit it. Unfortunately, they are going to sell most of them. What a pity of Barcelona!!

  • Marko André Guevara Sempertigue
    Marko André Guevara Sempertigue17 gün önce

    Quizá no sea legendaria, pero la vaselina de Aleñá prometía :c.

  • PES 4 LIFE
    PES 4 LIFE17 gün önce

    Title: Best Barca chips of all time Messi: Lemme introduce myself

  • Tino Iwnl
    Tino Iwnl17 gün önce

    Título alternativo: vaselinas de Argentinos,Brasileros,Holandeses y Españoles en el Barça

  • Q & A Football
    Q & A Football17 gün önce

    griezmann has a lot of chips. pretty stylish too. they should be here

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman17 gün önce

    Ousmane Dembele, c’est un raciste. Antoine Griezemann, c’est un raciste. FC Barcelone, ’est un groupe raciste. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Si les victimes du racisme étaient de nationalité africaine, les Français et espagnols diraient que c’est du racisme. Si les victimes du racisme étaient des Asiatiques, les Français et espagnols diraient que ce n’est pas du racisme. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Les citoyens européens insistent. “Le racisme contre les Asiatiques n’est pas du racisme.” Les européens ignorent le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques. Ignorer, c’est du racisme. Le silence, c’est l’adhésion au racisme. Je suis japonais. Je suis asiatique. Les Asiatiques pensent que cela ne peut pas être arrêté comme une blague. Les Asiatiques protestent contre le racisme. Désormais, les Asiatiques ne seront plus réduits au silence. Les citoyens européens devraient reconnaître le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques comme du racisme. Vous devriez reconnaître. Que c’est du racisme.

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    Mohammed Elsafi17 gün önce

    At first, I thought it was Legendary Messi Chips

  • Lorpyxl✔️
    Lorpyxl✔️17 gün önce

    2:48 ayo respect for not stealing that goal

  • Mahdi Ahmadi
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  • vikram samanta
    vikram samanta17 gün önce

    Are all of these chips? I thought kicking the ball from the ground into the air with reverse spin was called a chip, not hitting a ball mid-air

  • 강성주
    강성주17 gün önce

    griezmann and dembele is fk racist!!

  • Jancarlos Cruz
    Jancarlos Cruz17 gün önce

    I started watching Barcelona 11 years ago . Best club in the world.

    SANJANA R17 gün önce

    Visca Barca 🔴🔵

  • Abhil K Sabu
    Abhil K Sabu17 gün önce

    Genius....Absolutely genius Messi.He is extraordinary

  • Arjan Kumar
    Arjan Kumar17 gün önce

    where is Messi's chip against Real Betis (A) when the crowd applauded him? (2019

  • Arjan Kumar

    Arjan Kumar

    17 gün önce

    Alternative title: Messi’s best chips

  • SimpleMeanMachine
    SimpleMeanMachine17 gün önce

    None are ..as beautiful...as natural and effortless as messi's....the only goat...a real god

  • Barcelona Videos
    Barcelona Videos17 gün önce

    It's a South American thing.

  • bruh_ han
    bruh_ han17 gün önce

    they barely showed messi's best chip vs bayern.

  • Rima Shukla
    Rima Shukla17 gün önce

    I think they should change the title to ‘Experience the greatest chips of La Pulga’

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    Messi : Messientoimportante🥵

    MAGDOLNA ZIRKEL17 gün önce


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    El Ivoncio17 gün önce

    Otro título podría ser las vaselinas de Messi

    HYPTO ICE17 gün önce

    Messi and ronaldo play together?

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    Is it barca chips or messi chips 😂🔥

    NEATWORK - TV17 gün önce

    Messi should indeed stay

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    Aldi Cahyo17 gün önce

    this video was made for our new player from ARGENTINA .

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    messi xD the barca destroyer ! kek club

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    Hello everyone love you 😍

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  • Mr Awesome
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    When Will Indian🇮🇳 Players Play In La Liga, its not imposible. Keep It Up India🇮🇳

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    NevusaGaming18 gün önce

    me waiting griezmann goal chip be like : 🙂🙂🙃

  • Suman Rao
    Suman Rao18 gün önce

    wa about suarez and griezman chips

    HARIKESHAV18 gün önce

    Griezmann's chip against Villareal ?? Was also a legendary....

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    Good admin👌 you turn down that shit rainbow from background

  • Sumedh Kanade
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    If Chip is an Art then Messi is Picasso of it . Our “🐐” 🔥

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    Darsan Messi18 gün önce

    truly 50%+ goal are of leo '

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    Sou brasileiro

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    Lets goooo!!!18 gün önce

    Bye Messi

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    Markos Bazán18 gün önce

    Dejen en paz a Griezmann mal agradecidos

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    Barca Motivating Messi Lol

  • Isaac Frank
    Isaac Frank18 gün önce

    1:58 even the defender had to celebrate the goal 😂😂

  • Alen Iype
    Alen Iype18 gün önce

    messi chip v real betis?

  • Toheeb Adeshina
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    Against arsenal and Bayern Munich is my favorite

  • Belkis Diaz

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    Alexis its the best chip and its not here'

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    Leo is a king

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    2:50 Respect to Pedro for not stealing the goal👏🏻

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  • Alberto Simon
    Alberto Simon18 gün önce

    and the vaselina of messi vs betis 18/19

  • A R
    A R18 gün önce

    How Come you missed messi goal against reall sosidad 2019 That's was one of the best goals

  • F Fe
    F Fe18 gün önce

    visca el barça coño, vamos pedri y ahora a los juegos olimpicpos

  • Stella Player
    Stella Player18 gün önce

    Esta es una pregunta para messi para un desafío de 90 segundos, ¿qué sentiste después de anotar el primer Gol? ⚽️🔟🏟🛑❤️💙

  • Stella Player

    Stella Player

    18 gün önce

    Messi Messi Messi Messi!!!!! Gollllllll!!!!!!! El primer gol de messi en El F.C. Barcelona acaba de traer de alegría al Mundo entero El mejor gol de la historia! Visca Barca! ⚽ ♥️ 💙

  • lapa lapa
    lapa lapa18 gün önce

    I think fc barcelona have to buy Ruiz díaz the next season. Creo que el bars tiene que fichar a Luis díaz la siguiente temporada

    TVSUPERBR SUPER18 gün önce


  • Nathan Heath
    Nathan Heath18 gün önce

    So disappointed that Barca live won't be on TRloft live next season absolutely gutted 🙁

  • shikhar a
    shikhar a18 gün önce

    0:26 1 minute silence for him

  • grin chi
    grin chi18 gün önce

    Why fc barcelona support racism???? Why they let the racist griezmann and dembele in their team? Asian fans all around the world will take their consequences

  • Ростислав Григорьев
    Ростислав Григорьев18 gün önce

    Месси месси

  • Batoul Hussein
    Batoul Hussein18 gün önce

    Barca is a team whose fans are proud of 😌barca forever🥺love you💙💙💙💙

  • Mayar Mahdi
    Mayar Mahdi18 gün önce

    I heard that there is a chanse that ansu fati is going to be sold! 😲 Is that true 🥵🥵🥵

  • Batoul Hussein
    Batoul Hussein18 gün önce

    Messi is so shining like the sun😍☀️💙

  • El Comentarista
    El Comentarista18 gün önce

    1:48. Youngest Puyol

  • The real Big Boss
    The real Big Boss18 gün önce

    Betis x Messi. Faltou esse.

  • 테슬라 Tesla
    테슬라 Tesla18 gün önce

    First of all, Barcellona deal with two racist french nationality player in your team before

  • gaming al iraq
    gaming al iraq18 gün önce

    استمر استمر استمر

  • ahmad farouqi
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    moutinho matumbo18 gün önce

    Lionel Messi my idol❤️

  • Belkis Diaz

    Belkis Diaz

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  • David Alsina
    David Alsina18 gün önce

    Falta el mejor de Messi de vaselina, contra el Betis. Todo el estadio le aplaudió

  • Somesh M
    Somesh M18 gün önce

    Where is messi's goal against betis in 2018/19 season and suarez's beautiful goal against real sociedad in 2017/18 season??

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    We dont want to lose leo😭😭😭💕💕💖

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    No sé inglés

  • ItzRonaldinhoPlayz
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    Messi in 2012 was more than just a goat.

  • Simp de AndyStone
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    Messi es el rey de las vaselinas

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    Forca Barca 👍😍😊